American Dairy Queen to enter Polish market

dairy queen poland expansion

First Dairy Queen restaurants, which belong to American multimillionaire Warren Buffett, will emerge in Poland this summer.

The company, owned by Berkshire Hathaway holding, plans to open 26 restaurants during the first five years of partnership. It will be the first such initiative of Dairy Queen since 20 years, which will allow the company to establish presence on the European market.

“We are entering Eastern European market in the time, when Western brands are very well received among local consumers” – says Jean Champagne, Director of International Operations of Dairy Queen. “This is what motivates us to open another restaurants in the neighbouring countries.”

Expansion plans

The company announced its expansion plans in March 2015 and indicated that will collaborate with franchise group Sparrow 4 Sp. Z.O.O. Polish portal states that Sparrow’s 4 CEO is a former chairman of North Food, the company which manages chains of restaurants such as North Fish, WokMan and Yummie. Wojciech Siwiec was also previously connected with PepsiCo Trading Poland and Nestle.

First Dairy Queen restaurants will be opened nearby Warsaw metro station this summer. Some say that one of the first locals will be situated in Wola Park in Warsaw. However, Dairy Queen restaurants will be located not only in shopping centres, but also in other places in the biggest cities in Poland.

Dairy Queen

Over 20% of 6.400 Dairy Queen stores are located outside the United States and Canada. American Dairy Queen Corp. is present in 27 countries all around the world. Two decades ago, the company opened restaurants in Austria, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia and Turkey.

American Dairy Queen Corporation is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. DQ® operators have been providing consumers with crave-satisfying treats and food since 1940. Dairy Queen offers ice-cream called Blizzards, milk desserts and cakes. DQ’s clients can also buy products typical for fast-food restaurants (French fries, hamburgers or refreshing drinks).