Centrum Targowe Ptak SA: Ptak Outlet implements AMR system

Centrum Targowe Ptak has finished implementing a system for the remote and automated collection of data from water, heating, electric and gas energy meters at its outlet center, Ptak Outlet. It’s the first shopping facility in the region which uses the AMR system to bill tenants faster, and eliminate erroneous meter readings.

Information about the actual utility costs and consumption collected in the system’s data base helps management make more accurate decisions regarding the effective operation of the retail facility. Thanks to the system’s ability to make meter readings almost in real-time, and to store them in a data base, the facility manager is provided with up-to-date snapshots of utility consumption in the building”, explains Jakub Hetmaniok, president of Rhino, the company behind the system’s implementation.

The Ptak Outlet center in Łódź, which was opened in October 2012 and comprises 22 thousand sq m of retail space, basically utilizes an AMR-class system (AMR stands for Automatic Meter Reading). The system automatically and simultaneously uploads and downloads information about the rate of electric energy consumption among tenants via GSM/GPRS.

RhinoAMR (which was put into commission among half of the 150 tenants) in its unmanned version provides remote, automated, and real-time monitoring of water, gas, heat and electricity meters’ readings. Data is presented by the system in form of diagrams. The system creates period reports on utility consumption, and, in case of a failure, informs the designated employee. The solution rules out erroneous readings, which often happen when readings are done manually. The system also assists in billing tenants for utility consumption.

Rhino is utilized by the biggest international corporations, public utilities and waterworks, facility management, production plants, commercial facilities, store chains, and shopping malls.

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